In the past two posts (here and here) we explored chaos and will continue that theme here. In the aftermath of the powerful eclipses in September, there’s been a noticeable increase in people experiencing intensity, which often manifests in strange, dramatic and chaotic ways. Often, the reaction to a situation is blown way out of proportion to the apparent cause or trigger. As you’ve no doubt experienced, it’s easier to observe this in others but more difficult when caught in the grip ourselves.

Chaos can be experienced in the physical and subtle bodies when there’s a surge of new information, creativity and energy flooding the system. The conditioned patterns of how we habitually operate are forced to interpret new stimulus and adapt or be overwhelmed. In the process, a lot of resistance and confusion can arise leading to stress, anxiety, overwhelm and even panic. Interestingly, much of the confusion and chaos we experience isn’t ours; it’s projected from an external source that we mistakenly judge and then identify as our own. This is especially true on a fundamental, energetic level, which is invisible to the five senses and our intellect. We are more sensitive, intuitive and psychic than we give ourselves credit for.

In summary, we often experience confusion, drama and chaos when we fail to have strong energetic boundaries that contain and protect us.

In our shamanic training, the importance of protection and coherent boundaries was emphasized again and again. Shamans around the world use a wide variety of techniques and tools to maintain good energetic hygiene, to diagnose and discriminate between what is foreign and beneficial energy and instill the necessary precautions to create a space of impeccability around them and their community. The idea of energetic protection may sound like a foreign concept in modern times but it’s really an ancient practice that’s been around for most of humanity’s existence.

The Q’ero, an indigenous people of the high Andes, speak of energy in a simple and elegant way. Energy is a state of being, which has the qualities of sami and hucha. Sami (sah-me) is energy that is light, refined and translucent; it is analogous to a harmonious flow between giver and receiver. Think of a cool morning breeze that sweeps across the body and elevates the mood. Hucha (hoo-cha) is heavy, dense and opaque energy; it creates stagnation of flow, suffering and misfortune. Turn on the news for an extended time and you are likely to experience increased hucha.

If you feel stuck in life and are experiencing fear, anxiety, depression and chaos, you can be sure that you have hucha (foreign energy) in your space, clogging up your system. If left unexamined long enough, hucha can eventually lead to illness and disease.

To state the obvious, we want to set up the parameters of our life to create, cultivate and magnetize sami. Simultaneously, we want to identify the sources of hucha in order to neutralize and eliminate them. Sami is compatible with our heart’s ambition and hucha is an incompatibility that delays or blocks our connection with source, Spirit.

Inquiry: Sami and Hucha

As an exercise, make a list with two columns titled Sami and Hucha. Observe the people (friends, family, coworkers, clients) in your life and the quality of energy they bring to your experience. Study what you bring in through the senses: what you watch, listen to, how you breathe, what you eat and drink. Contemplate your core beliefs about life as well as what you think and speak about habitually. Which of the above fills you with health, happiness and creates a feeling of lightness? Put those in the Sami column. Which weigh you down and invoke lethargy? What are you addicted to? Place those in the Hucha column.

No doubt, it will make sense to eliminate some of the items from the Hucha column from your life. However, what’s really empowering is to be in relationship with something/someone that triggers you without having to drop them. Instead, you practice keeping your personal space protected and clean so you can be more neutral. You learn to own your space and cease to resonate with energies that would diminish your life force, whether the external circumstances change or are the same. In our next post, we will share an exercise that builds on this one to help you do just that.