In the previous post, Chaos and the Art of Protection: Part I, we shared an exercise to help you gain awareness of the energy states of sami and hucha and explore the ways they are impacting your life. In this post, we’ll share a visualization to extract hucha from your space, that builds on the previous exercise:

  • To begin, activate your imagination and visualize yourself within a sphere of energy, much like an egg. It surrounds you in the front and back, above and below, to the left and right. Notice if it’s dented in on any side, if there is a particular color or if it’s dark/murky in tone. (This is your aura, the energetic container in which you navigate the game of life. It’s designed to keep you protected from energy that is foreign and incompatible to your system. The areas where there are dents, darker colors or where you can’t see, represent hucha in your space).
  • Visualize a grounding cord traveling from the core of the Earth and connecting to your pelvis, the width of your hips, in an airtight seal. See your aura connect into the grounding cord too, about a foot beneath your feet.
  • Send a message from your heart, down your grounding cord, to the Earth. Say hello to Pachamama (Mother Earth), offer your gratitude and love.
  • Intend for the Earth to start vacuuming up hucha and foreign energy from your body and your aura via the grounding cord. You might find it helpful to know that hucha is considered food for Pachamama, much like compost. Tell your body and aura to let go and release all incompatibilities. Breath deeply and calmly allowing the Earth to receive and transform the energy. Trust this is happening even if you can’t see or sense it. Strongly intend for it to be so. Continue for a few minutes until you feel considerably lighter.
  • Next, look at the hucha list you made. Methodically, one at a time, call out the energy of that belief, person, habit, experience that has gotten into your personal space. You can say the word(s) out loud and then intend for them to release down your grounding cord and out of your system.
  • When complete with the list, once again thank the Earth for these gifts.
  • Next, visualize a big golden sun above your head. Make it as real and as bright as you are able. Fill it with 100% your own energy, with vitality, abundance, love and good fortune. Place into it anything that will bring sami (lightness of being) into your life.
  • To finish, pop the gold sun and fill up your body and your aura with the golden light. Let it illuminate you from the innermost dimension of your being to the outer layer of your aura.

If you practice this exercise daily, you are learning the art of protection and keeping appropriate boundaries in place. You’ll be amazed how much you feel like ‘yourself’ again, which always leads to a more empowered and enlightened life.