This past month has been a doozy, with scattered, creative and ungrounded energies abounding. Seemingly, it’s never been so easy to be confused and feel untethered. As the pace of life continuously shifts, it can wreak havoc with our routines and attempts to organize. We may find ourselves completely overwhelmed with a lack of direction, spinning out of control.

 From time to time life deals us a hand that is chaotic. Chaos is defined as the semblance of disorder and confusion. This type of situation can be extremely challenging to navigate, where the mind is grasping for a familiar anchor in order to make sense of things. Chaos is often accompanied by stress, frustration and a sense of being a victim. It can also lead to acting out from the false personality, pointing fingers at others to assign fault in anger and blame. Sometimes chaos can even lead to a panic attack. But, really, what is it?
Let’s start by reframing chaos so that you can become acquainted with its nature and learn to work with it productively. From both practical and shamanic perspectives, the following are three major contributors to chaos:

Ambition: Chaos can manifest when we become overly ambitious, by trying to control, force or do too much. It’s attempting to create from the ego, which will always have limited and mixed results. Ambition isn’t a bad thing but easily moves into dysfunction, confusion and chaos when our time, attention and energy are spread too thin. The lesson here is simplicity, doing less and cultivating stillness of mind. See Managing Chaos: Ambition & Being to explore this theme in greater depth.

Foreign Influence: Chaos can be experienced when we’re trying to assimilate and digest someone else’s energy. This is due to a lack of appropriate boundaries, especially of an energetic, psychic nature. Every thought, emotion and sensation in the world leaves a subtle  (or not so subtle) impression on our lives, whether we’re consciously aware of it or not. The lesson here is to cultivate an impeccable container of protection around our values, dreams and passions. Learn exercises to help recognize, remove and strengthen your protection from foriegn influences here:
Chaos and the Art of Protection: Part I
Chaos and the Art of Protection: Part II

Initiation: Chaos can also symbolize a rite of passage, a birth into a deeper, intelligent order that transforms the very fabric of our lives. Chaos can represent being on the cutting edge of our personal evolution as we transition into the unknown. Here, the chaos only appears as confusion and disorder to the limited, conditioned and uninitiated ego-mind. The lesson is to trust our intuition, listen to the heart and surrender to Spirit.  An article that goes into more depth on the subject of initiation is in the works. Meanwhile, for a good example of an initiatory experience, see: Pilgrimage & the Transformative Power of Discomfort

We’ll touch upon and delve deeper into these themes in the upcoming managing chaos article series.

To assist in these times, Deva is offering a remote healing special designed to invoke clarity of purpose, clear out foreign influences and invoke powerful blessings. Please reach out and set up a time if you need assistance; we’re happy to be of service.