This is a powerful time of year to attune to the shifting of the seasons and come into resonance with the deeper cycles of the natural world. Spring is about bringing in the new, cultivating beauty and planting intentional seeds for change. With both day and night of equal duration, the equinox sparks a divine balance between the light and the dark, the sacred and the profane, the beautiful and the terrible and the apparent and hidden. In this world of extreme polarization, the equinox reminds us to observe neutrality between oppositions and seek balance within.

This equinox is extra potent as it occurs between two eclipses, which is always a transition zone where we can reset and reframe the navigation of our lives anew. Seeds you’ve planted in the past can flourish now and new seeds will find receptive and fertile soil in which to sprout. The energies are ripe with creative potential if you have clarity on what you truly want, clean up your power leaks, stay present to what’s showing up and learn to read the signs.

Springtime has a quickening effect energetically on the biological world, which we are intricately connected to. In the winter months everything slows down or comes to a standstill. Insects perish, animals migrate/hibernate and trees root into the earth for survival. Winter is about building up our power base. The arrival of spring shifts the latent, introverted energy of winter into an extroverted, dynamic and creative expression of power. Think of a snow capped mountain whose icecap melts as the weather warms. The terrain surrounding the mountain is transformed into a space where youth emerges, beauty blooms and creativity reigns. All life ‘springs’ into action.

Take advantage of such an occurrence! Honor the equinox with some form of intentional practice, ritual or ceremony. Arrange some flowers, create an altar and invoke beauty and inspiration into your environment. Observe where you are out of balance and intend the energy of spring renew a deeper commitment to living from and embodying your true self. The equinox is also an excellent time to envision. Be like a child, daydream and imaginatively play with the endless possibilities your life could take. Then refine your vision and align with right action in order to surrender and flow with the quickening pace springtime heralds.

With the escalation of technology and the seduction of the media, it’s easy to become distracted by our gadgets and forget to celebrate these natural portals of power. But those who wish to experience harmony, contentment and true freedom are wise to follow nature and her ways.