I’m newer to Kambo than Deva. It’s August (2020) now and I’ve worked with it 4 times since March, when the pandemic began. I received a smaller dosage the first 3 sessions (3 small points the first time, 2 slightly larger points the other two).

While the other participants, who opted to receive larger doses, seemed to be having a more intense, perhaps even unpleasant experience, I found the experience surprisingly pleasant, like “a sauna from the inside.” A warmth radiated from within that was intense enough to cause me to become very present with the sensation and I was relieved of my mind’s ceaseless chatter, which I enjoyed very much.

After the first session, I allowed myself to nap much of the day. I felt enhanced mental clarity, vitality and strength the following day & days after. I tend toward brain fog and fatigue, which I attribute to mold sensitivity. I was struck by the mental clarity, vitality and increased stamina I experienced. My immune and nervous systems felt stronger and supported. It turns out that Kambo is being employed by some specialists to treat mold sensitivity. I didn’t need to nap after the following two Kambo treatments, and had a similar experience of clarity, strength and wellness the days after.

My 4th session was on Thursday. I opted to receive a larger dose, 3 large points. I’d been under tremendous stress, grief and trauma following the loss of a family member who tragically passed in early July. I was also experiencing allergies and the dysregulation related to a disrupted diet, exercise and being away from home for so long to help with the funeral/estate. Before the Kambo session, I had a sore throat and ears, my lungs ached (I usually get this with grief), sinus pressure and a headache for a couple of weeks. I felt fatigued and a depression was beginning to sink in that was on par with the Post Partum Depression I experienced a decade ago (my most severe experience of depression to date). Frankly, I was beginning to worry about myself.

When I was finally able to return home, I asked Deva for a Kambo treatment and opted for a larger dose. This session was much more intense, I wouldn’t describe it as pleasant AT ALL. It was a deeper initiation, “an ordeal.” There was a fiery throbbing in my ears and a burning sensation in my lungs. I understood Kambo was burning away the Hucha (incompatible energies), that which had been hurting. I welcomed it but it was intense. I purged A LOT, my abdomen cramped. I was amused at knowing that I must have looked like the others I saw experiencing such intensity the times before, and had similar thoughts that I’d heard them joke about after, “Dear God, what have I done?!?” However, the intensity was short lived, it passed in 20ish minutes. I was a bit fatigued, I needed to nap a couple of times that day. My stomach was unsettled even until the evening, which wasn’t a side effect I’ve heard Deva or anyone else mention afterward.

However, after a good night’s sleep, I woke up Friday morning feeling A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I felt energetic and vital. I immediately hopped out of bed with the urge to go for a brisk walk. The pain in my throat, ears, head and lungs is completely gone. Best of all, I feel like my happy self again! The choices and responsibilities that daunted me feel manageable I’m ready to get back to work! I’ve been able to focus and easily knock out a lot the past couple of days. Seriously, I can’t get over how much better I feel, the difference is night and day. It’s been an amazing

My Spiritual experience of this Ally, who I’m early in my relationship with, is that of a very high frequency, very powerful, loving, benevolent, generous and protective energy. I often find a connection between energies I experience with certain animal Spirits and archetypal energies as expressed in deity forms. In this case, the energy I experienced reminded me of Archangel Michael or the higher, more benevolent aspect of Mars. Both Deva and I have discussed perceiving a sense of golden-white light that purifies and elevates. In one instance, I perceived an inner vision of an upright golden sword.

I am also struck by the elements of fire and water, and how they work together in cleansing and purification both in working with Kambo and in sacred rites and rituals around death, release and transformation, which I’ve been in contemplation of due to recent life circumstances.

I am so grateful to have this new ally in my life. Gracias a la Rana de Arbol!