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Join healing practitioners and educators Deva Powell and Tammy Mabra in Austin or online to explore philosophies and practices drawn from diverse cross-cultural sources, with primary influences including Shamanism, Yoga and The PersonEssence Personality Model (aka The Michael Teachings).

We offer a variety of remote and in-person services to support healing and growth, including: private shamanic healing sessions, kambo treatments, intuitive consultations, spiritual coaching, group classes, workshops, community events, ceremonies, celebrations, and space clearings.

Our offerings are designed to help you embody your essence and live an authentic life aligned with your personal truth, with purpose and empowerment.

As a result you’ll gain:

  • a greater sense of freedom
  • power and responsibility to shape your reality
  • physical-mental-emotional healing
  • healed and harmonious relationships
  • tolerance and compassion
  • increased happiness, depth, presence and love
  • overcome fear-patterns, old wounds and trauma
  • an open heart and alignment with your heart’s true path
  • enhanced intuition
  • clear and strong boundaries
  • reduction of drama and power-leaks
  • a greater sense of the magic and mystery of life
  • a more fulfilled and enhanced experience of life.

Let us know what you would like support with and we’ll explore how we can best work together to realize your intentions.
Contact us at: | 512.481.2765



Upcoming Events

Kambo Treatments
Labyrinth Walk Austin Shamanism

Healing Kambo Ceremonies
with Deva 

@ BSOL HQ in North Austin, near the Domain

Cost $100/ session

Email to register:

NOTE: Due to Covid concerns, we’re keeping these ceremonies very small, space is limited for social distancing. We may open up additional sessions if these fill quickly.   


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Monday Night Online Study Groups with Deva 
Join Deva for Shamanic support on monthly themes related to current collective topicsFrom the comfort of your home, center, release, gain perspective and support with meditation, visualization and other powerful techniques to help you thrive with the winds of change.

Meeting monthly on four consecutive Mondays, these groups provide a safe space to study, learn and apply practices to bring clarity, healing and neutrality towards whatever hand life is dealing you. The format includes an opening meditation, discussion, empowerment techniques, gentle movement, journaling prompts and ending prayer for the collective.

Mondays @ 6-7:15PM CST

To Register: send $60 via Venmo: @deva-powell or PayPal:

 Join meeting via zoom link here 

My early experiences with Kambo

My early experiences with Kambo

I’m newer to Kambo than Deva. It’s August now and I’ve worked with it 4 times since March. I received a smaller dosage the first 3 sessions (3 small points the first time, 2 slightly larger points the other two). While the other participants, who opted to receive...

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Working with Forgiveness

Working with Forgiveness

Have you been triggered by life recently? It’s been hard to escape the fact that these are trigger happy times. It can seem like everyone has an opinion but few are genuinely trying to learn from and understand the others’ perspective. Projection and blame has been...

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Working With Initiation

Working With Initiation

These are transition times, times of initiation. Everything is speeding up and morphing into something never seen before. 2016 was like the main attraction at a circus with extreme highs, lows and an abundance of eccentricity everywhere you looked. Or, like a roller...

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Spring Equinox 2016

Spring Equinox 2016

Attune to the shifting of the seasons and come into resonance with the deeper cycles of the natural world…

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