We’re on day 19 of our 40 day meditation for peace. The intention behind the 40 day meditation for peace is to make a positive contribution to the collective consciousness, understanding that we are all are connected and all is impacted by our inner harmony (or discord).

I’ll have to admit that attempting this meditation at this particular time, tapping into a frequency of peace, is proving to be quite challenging for me. It’s giving me the opportunity to become aware of how easily I can be impacted by the collective consciousness and its current fearful state. Since we started the meditation, election politics has been ramping up, the U.S. financial system has taken a dramatic turn for the worse, the global economy seems to be in a downward spiral, the news is seemingly constant, unavoidable, and overwhelming. I’ve found myself easily distracted from taking the daily self-care actions necessary to help stay in a mentally and emotionally healthy/stable place. However, I recognize that in times like this my commitment to such discipline is of utmost importance. In fact, it’s nearly impossible to do a meditation for peace without attending to my psycho-spiritual hygiene, so to speak. I find it absolutely necessary to practice techniques to help stay centered and stable amongst all of this external instability.

One that has been particularly helpful for me this week is grounding. Last year, while laying on a huge stone in the Andes mountains, I was struck with the realization that the Earth is incredibly generous, the most powerful of Curranderas (healers). She is willing to receive and has the ability to transmute negativity.

A Grounding Practice
This exercise can be done in just a few minutes. Stand, sit or lay on the Earth. Acknowledge her, thank her for her beauty, power, abundance and blessings, then ask her to soak up any negativity and fear that you may have taken on from others and from the news. Continue by asking her to receive and transmute any of your own fears. Allow it all to drain from you.

Remember that Pachamama (Earth Mother) is an expert composter.  The Q’ero people of the Andes say that this old energy that we give her that no longer resonates with us is like food for her, they call it houcha. They say that houcha is food for Pachamama, that she uses it as fuel for new creativity. So, don’t hold back for fear of contaminating her with your negativity. Instead, receive her gift of transformation by lovingly giving her your “stuff” to be composted for the highest good.

Next, send your energy into her, rooting deeply into her like a tree. Ask her to ground you and keep you safe. Allow yourself to feel safe, connected, grounded, and unburdened. Allow these feelings to take root and grow strong. Become receptive and allow her to fill you up with strength, power and vitality. When you feel finished and stable, thank the Earth for her generosity and love.

May we be blessed with great capacity for such generosity.