Deva offers healing support and is a trusted resource for teachings on yoga, shamanism, meditation and spiritual lifestyle. He provides empowered practices and a living philosophical approach for freedom and peace. He shares refined and time-honored tools to still & focus the mind, clear and open the heart and build health, strength and personal empowerment.

He provides personal and group sessions, individual healing sessions, online training courses, public and private ceremony, local and exotic retreats, psychic and intuitive training as well. 

His classes and services are designed to help you align with your personal truth, with purpose and empowerment.


Deva Powell

Deva Powell Power Path Shamanic Healing PractitionerDeva, a gifted intuitive, is a shamanic healing practitioner, yoga instructor and spiritual coach. Utilizing various shamanic tools and techniques, clients can expect a sacred and transformative environment conducive for release, balance and healing.

With the Power Path School of Shamanism, he has completed the 2-year intensive study program, practitioner training and advanced practitioner training. Deva is also a student of Q’ero philosophy and Andean wisdom, is an Austin-based representative for AyniGlobal under the mentorship of author and founder  J.E. (Santiago) Williams. Deva is a certified Kundalini & Hatha Yoga instructor and has some Yoga Therapy Training. Additionally, he has over two years of combined advanced Intuitive Reading and Healing studies and practice through the Boulder Psychic Institute.

Deva brings over two decades of shamanic experience to clients and students from all walks of life and is available for sessions, groups, rite of passage ceremonies and intuitive consultation. 

To schedule your appointment call, text or email Deva directly at:
505-204-8605 or deva@broadcastsol.com.


People seek shamanic healing for a wide variety of reasons: when feeling stuck, confused or resistant, in the aftermath of accidents or trauma, when issues from the past arise, for depression, for anxiety, for relationship challenges, to move through or mark a mile-stone or huge transition such as birth, death, moving or marriage, to achieve a goal or start new projects.

Shamanic medicine is a tradition dating back some 25,000 years. In simple terms, the basic perspective shamanic healing assumes is that external reality, the material world, is a symbolic manifestation of the inner world, also referred to as consciousness or spirit. Furthermore, everything that exists is spirit, is consciousness, is vibration, is energy, is imbued with it’s own innate intelligence and unique gifts. Simultaneously, everything that exists is interconnected, forming a web of life where even the smallest, most individuated part influences the whole and vice versa.

In this web of life, human consciousness is uniquely individuated with capacity for abstraction, reflection, memory and other complex physical, emotion and thought processes. As we mature, our essential nature often becomes clouded or distorted by our individual life experiences, familial and cultural imprinting.

Shamanic practitioners work with a variety of tools and techniques to identify and address obstacles, imbalances and distortions with healing intent to restore one to their fullest expression of essential truth and authentic power.

In simpler terms, the purpose of shamanic healing is to cleanse the body, to clear the energy field, to restore balance to the physical, to focus the mind, and to give the Spirit a peaceful home in which to reside and create. The state we seek to attain in shamanic healing is to nurture connection to all of life that is Spirit — the physical is energized, feels healthy, light and clear, the mind is calm and the higher emotions of gratitude, love, compassion and appreciation are present.

A Shamanic Healing session typically lasts from 1/2 an hour to an hour and may include the use of song and other instruments to move and transform energy, shamanic prayer, plant, herb, mineral and animal spirit medicine, visualization, soul retrieval, extraction, hands on healing or physical manipulation.

Contact me to discuss your healing intentions and determine the best approach for you: 505.204-8902 | deva@broadcastsol.com