Expression is derived from Latin and means to ‘press out’. Expression is an impulse of energy, a movement from a potential state of being into a kinetic state, from the unmanifest to the manifest. Expression can be mental and take the form of words through all manner of communication to self and others. It can also be an emotional release of some pent up feeling which requires attention and honoring. Expression may be a physical need to move the body, dance, hike, redecorate your home or wardrobe. Often, expression is a synthesis of thinking, feeling and action.  Perhaps you are feeling the intrinsic need to express yourself in a new, creative fashion?

The truth is that everything in the cosmos is continuously expressing itself into being, including you. Problems arise when expression is hijacked by the ego-mind or false self.  Instead of expressing novelty and creative solutions to our sufferings and imbalances, the ego-mind becomes fixated and trapped in repeating an old theme. The longer we repeat the outdated/immature expression of ego, the more difficult the task to evolve in awareness. Thus, the fluid nature of our innate being becomes diminished and endless frustrations ensue.

Authentic living asks us to seek out, explore and express from the heart. The heart is more than cardiac muscle circulating blood through the body. The heart is a portal into the Divine  and connects us to our greater identity. The heart, at its source, is a sanctuary full of light, inspiration and endless creativity. And the heart speaks; it is always expressing intelligence, love and deep power. Our task is to truly listen, decode its language, receive its blessings and courageously express its yearnings into our lives, to ‘press out’ our soul.

To become deeply intimate with ourselves means vulnerability; expressing our eccentric, unique self can feel daunting for fear of being judged. The practice of true expression is not for the faint of heart. It takes commitment and practice. In the beginning, if we’ve been inhibited for long periods, the experience can potentially be overwhelming. Like fasting and cleansing the body, we may witness the surfacing of forgotten traumas, calcified grudges, warped beliefs, undigested dreams, suppressed fears and toxic emotions. The ego-mind is the essence of lack and will attempt to sabotage any attempt to know and express your boundless nature. We have to trust that underneath all of that pain and confusion is the untainted source of our pure creativity.


10 helpful suggestions to support essential-self expression:

  • Intention is pivotal. Get very present and deeply intend to heal stuck patterns around expression.
  • Ask Spirit for help. Call upon those beings and energies that support you and ask for their assistance.
  • Keep a journal. Expression is best started with micro steps. Your journal is a sacred space to explore the heart. Learn to discern the heart’s voice over the ego-mind.
  • Protection is important. As we begin to open our hearts and express its voice we can feel vulnerable. Use mantra, smudging or visualization to create a space of protection around you.
  • Work with ‘I AM’ as a mantra or prayer, a potent vibration that connects us to source and opens the heart in a gentle, safe and loving way.
  • Schedule time and space throughout your week to express yourself creatively. Dance, draw, sing, sew, make music, craft art or follow through on any intuitive, creative impulse.
  • Pay attention to your dreams. Spirit often communicates through our dreams so intend to remember them and use your journal to explore and express their teaching.
  • Appropriate expression is about right timing. Feel out the difference between a skillful or unskillful time to express with a loved one, boss or friend that requires honesty and resolution.
  • Learn to create a pause before expressing to another. Use that pause to filter the communication through the heart. This only takes a moment with practice.
  • Work with a proficient healing practitioner or teacher who knows the terrain and can guide you.