We, Deva and Tammy, met in Austin, TX at Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in 2003. Shortly after, ‘Broadcast Sol’ became the name for our shared vision, which was and is to help individuals recognize, expand and share (broadcast) their inner light with the world (Sol is the Spanish word for Sun).

We felt and continue to feel that the troubling aspects of this world can only get better if as many people as possible are able to access essence and express their unique gifts with the world. We believe that the world needs you just as much as you need it!

Willingness to share your light often invokes an initiatory process of profound healing and transformation where creativity, beauty, growth and true power are ultimately able to prosper. Our work is to facilitate your journey by holding a compassionate healing space and by sharing wisdom teachings and techniques from the ancestors, shamans, sages, saints and yogis of the world.

We both share a deep love and reverence for Pachamama (Mother Earth) and our work is a devotional expression of our gratitude, that the Earth and all of beings may benefit.


Deva Powell

Deva Powell

Spiritual Teacher, Shamanic Healing Practitioner, Yoga Instructor, Ceremonialist

Since Broadcast Sol’s inception, Deva has taught and assisted hundreds of people, facilitating healing, awakening and empowerment. He has a unique intuitive capacity to help people move through negative fear patterns and blocks to promote self-awareness and growth.

Deva is a 2008 Graduate of a two-year intensive shamanic studies program followed by another year of advanced Shamanic Practitioner studies with Power Path School of Shamanism. During this time he journeyed to Peru and Mexico to train in both Shipibo and Huichol healing modalities. Deva is also a student of Q’ero philosophy and Andean wisdom where he completed Ayni Karpay and received the honor of Pampamesayok, initiated into the rite of the divine feminine, through AyniGlobal in 2012.

Additionally, in 2003 Deva completed his initial training in Kundalini Yoga and received a 200 HR certification with KRI (Kundalini Research Institute). In 2013 he completed Hatha Yoga Teacher Training and currently teaches in Austin, TX. In 2012 Deva went through an intense Kundalini awakening experience, which led him to the work of Lawrence Edwards, who is a trusted advisor and an influence to Deva’s work.

Deva is also a student of psychic healing practitioner, Miwa Mac. He is currently completing undergraduate clairvoyant training with the Boulder Psychic Institute.

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