Sacred Cup: Mother's Circle

Calling all Mamas!

I am excitedly brewing up a delicious container of support for my fellow sisters who are walking along side me on this initiatory path of motherhood. As new moms quickly discover, in order to show up as the grounded, centered mother that we all want to be, self-care and nurturing is of vital importance.

This circle is about carving out the time to honor yourself, to receive nurturing, to fill your cup so that you have more to give and can show up in service to your family, your work and your community in the ways that you most long to do. We’ll meet monthly to explore shamanic and other holistic concepts and practices to connect with and nourish our deeper selves. We’ll connect with one another in kinship, and we’ll connect with beauty, nature, creativity, spirit and power. Think of it as an enrichment program for moms (instead of tots), a resource for connecting with source.

I’m developing an in-person circle for Austin area moms and a remote circle for those who aren’t located nearby or who need the convenience of connecting from home. If you’re curious about joining either, you can sign up below to be notified as the offering develops.

If you have any mother friends who could benefit from this kind of support, please, let them know.