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Join healing practitioners and educators Deva Powell and Tammy Mabra in Austin or online to explore philosophies and practices drawn from diverse cross-cultural sources, with primary influences including Shamanism, Yoga and The PersonEssence Personality Model (aka The Michael Teachings).

We offer a variety of remote and in-person services to support healing and growth, including: private shamanic healing sessions, intuitive consultations, spiritual coaching, group classes, workshops, community events, ceremonies, celebrations, and space clearings.

Our classes and services are designed to help you embody your essence and live an authentic life aligned with your personal truth, with purpose and empowerment.

As a result you’ll gain:

  • a greater sense of freedom
  • power and responsibility to shape your reality
  • physical-mental-emotional healing
  • healed and harmonious relationships
  • tolerance and compassion
  • increased happiness, depth, presence and love
  • overcome fear-patterns, old wounds and trauma
  • an open heart and alignment with your heart’s true path
  • enhanced intuition
  • clear and strong boundaries
  • reduction of drama and power-leaks
  • a greater sense of the magic and mystery of life
  • a more fulfilled and enhanced experience of life.

Let us know what you would like support with and we’ll explore how we can best work together to realize your intentions.
Contact us at: | 512.481.2765

Managing Chaos: Ambition & Being

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Managing Chaos

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